Do you love your outdoor patio furniture? Has it seen better days, condition wise? Perhaps it is time to consider outdoor furniture refinishing. You will be surprised at what a professional furniture refinisher can do. They will be able to completely restore your furniture, no matter what condition it is in. From rips and tears in the fabric to rust and paint scratches, here is how a restoration can help your furniture shine like new again.

Deck Chairs

Many people fancy vintage deck chairs and pool side chairs, but they are hard to come by in great condition. If you have an old chair or set of chairs that has been faded by the sun, succumbed to rust or if the vinyl is falling apart, rest assured that it can look brand new, or better!

Patio Dining Sets

There are few things as refreshing as enjoying dinner with family and friends in the backyard in a comfortable outdoor dining set. Unfortunately, these dining sets aren’t often built to last for years and years. If your outdoor dining set is in need of restoration or refinishing, it can be done to your liking!

Picnic Tables

Picnic tables can fade, become scratched and simply fall apart. If you have a picnic table that you’d love to hang on to for sentimental reasons or simply because you know how good it looks when it’s in top notch shape, then be sure to consider a restoration.

Metal Furniture Refinishing

Aluminum and steel are very popular choices for outdoor furniture, but they are unfortunately subject to rust and pitting. These things can be repaired with sanding and powder coating, ensuring a beautiful finish.

Plastic Furniture Refinishing

Plastic is another popular material used when producing patio and outdoor furniture. While it is relatively durable over time, it can bend, crack and suffer from other issues. Luckily, all of these things can be fixed by a professional outdoor furniture restoration service.

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