Outdoor furniture is often left to the elements, which means it will become sun damaged, rusty, mildewy and suffer from other adverse effects after years of being left outside. Thankfully, one company has developed a process that ensures it can be restored to its former beauty. Here are the 5 steps that should be followed to restore and repair outdoor and patio furniture, including chairs, tables and benches.


The first thing done is sandblasting, which removes all of the current finish along with any rust or other corrosion. This step does not harm the frame or other components of the item, it simply leaves the bare metal exposed, making the following steps much more easy.


Now that the bare metal is exposed the repair person can conduct a thorough analysis of the damage. Any bends, breaks, dings or dents will be addressed before moving on to the next step. In some occurrences it is likely that the repair person will need to conduct welding and sanding to repair the item.

Powder Coating

Now that the frame is in usable condition the item will be powder coated. This is done by using an electrostatically charged powder paint is applied and cured at 400 degrees, creating a thick and durable finish ideal for outdoor items.

Strap & Sling Installation

As necessary, new vinyl straps are installed. Vinyl is idea because it resists fading and mildew. Next up the repair technicians will cut the sling fabrics, sew them to size and install them using specialty tools.


Glides will be added to ensure protection of newly refinished furniture. These glides will protect the legs of the furniture, as well as protect the floor they sit on.

And there you go, a beautifully restored piece of outdoor furniture! Who is it that uses this highly efficient process for outdoor furniture repair in Los Angeles? All Patio, of course. Our master craftsmen are highly skilled at completing all sorts of repairs! Give our team a call at (818) 361-2440 to request a free quote for patio furniture repair in LA!