Are you considering painting your outdoor furniture? Is your metal fence showing signs of wear or surface rust? Well don’t paint it, powder coat it! Powder coating is an amazing alternative to painting that offers much greater protection for items that are regularly subjected to outdoor conditions. Powder coating is performed by coating an item (generally metal) with an electrically charged, colored powder that is a mix of fine pigment and resin. After being coated the item is heat treated, causing the powder to adhere to the surface of the item, creating a super strong, beautiful barrier. Powder coating provides a layer of protection that not only looks good, but helps prevent damage from weather, including excessive sun exposure, and it is much more resistant to dings and scratches than regular paint. So, what can be powder coated? Just about anything!

What items can be powder coated?

Metal items are the most common things to powder coat. Here is a list of a few of the most popular items to give this treatment to.

  • Outdoor furniture – If your outdoor patio furniture is looking a little dull it may be time to powder coat. Pool furniture, outdoor benches, swings, pergolas and more can all be treated with a custom color.
  • Metal fencing – Iron fencing is a popular item to have powder coated, as it provides much needed protection and a gorgeous finish to ensure your curb appeal spikes!
  • Bicycle frames – If you enjoy your bicycle but are sick of the way it looks, consider having the frame and wheels powder coated.
  • Tiling – Indoor or outdoor tiling can be powder coated to give it a durable finish and a unique look.
  • Car Parts & Wheels – Custom powder coating of car parts and car wheels is a great way to give your vehicle a one of a kind look.
  • Truck Bedliner – Powder coating can even be used as a great alternative to traditional bedliners.

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