Outdoor furniture is simply that, furniture that resides outside. It is often subject to excessive wear due to the weather that it sits in. Rain and years and years of sunshine can take a toll on wood, metal and vinyl components of outdoor furniture. Instead of purchasing new patio furniture and filling landfills with your old tables and chairs, you should consider patio furniture refinishing as an alternative. The following are some of the most popular types of furniture to have refinished.

Pool Deck Chair Refinishing

Pool chairs used for reclining and relaxing in the sun are often left out to dry without any sort of protection. This can lead to sun damage that may eventually cause rips and tears in vinyl as well as massive discoloration.

Outdoor Dining Set Refinishing

Tables and chairs that are left out in the weather will suffer similar consequences. In warm weather areas such as Los Angeles the hot weather will cause damage to the seating areas and tables may fade.

Lawn Chair Refinishing

If you have lawn furniture that has been baking in the sun and seen years of use it may actually be dangerous to sit on the chairs as they could crumble under weight if the vinyl straps or cushions have lost their ability to hold. Cushion reburbishing is a great way to give your old furniture a beautiful new look.

Vintage Outdoor Furniture Refinishing

Old is the new new these days. Everyone is seeking vintage pieces to accent their pools and patios! Your old furniture may actually be worth a pretty penny, well it would be if it were in good condition!

An outdoor furniture restoration specialist can help you get the most out of your patio chairs and tables! For professional patio furniture refinishing in LA reach out to All Patio. We complete wood furniture repair, metal furniture repair and plastic furniture repair, as well as service other materials. To learn more or to request an estimate for outdoor furniture restoration in Los Angeles give us a call at (818) 361-2440 today!