Powder coating is a great substitute for conventional painting or spray painting, as it provide several advantages. For one, power coating is extremely durable, ensuing whatever you have coated will look great for years and years. It is resistant to extremely high temperatures and freezing cold and pounding rain, making it a great choice for outdoor items. Many different materials can be powder coated as well, including different metals, wood, composites, glass and plastics, as long as they can withstand the heat necessary to complete the powder coating process. Without further delay, here are six items you may want to consider powder coating instead of painting.

Metal Fencing

To ensure your metal fencing doesn’t rust give it a strong coat to protect it from inclement weather.

Car Wheels

Want to give your ride a one of a kind look? Powder coating can be done in many different colors, ensuring a beautiful ride.

Truck Bedliner

If you put your truck’s bed to hard use be sure to powder coat it for ultimate protection.

Bicycle Frames

Not only will powder coating protect your bike from faded paint, it will certainly be unique in appearance.

Outdoor Furniture

You patio furniture spends most, if not all, of its time outdoors, so don’t let it fall victim to harsh weather conditions or scorching heat.


Keep your barbecue looking good for years to come and make sure people know you’re the grill master.

Powder coating is extremely versatile, and can be done in many colors and on several surfaces. If you’re interested in powder coating in LA reach out to All Patio. We offer powder coating for outdoor furniture, and just about anything else! To learn more about powder coating in Los Angeles give us a call at (818) 361-2440!