Living in sunny Southern California certainly has its perks. Being able to enjoy the patio year round is one of them, even if it does get a bit chilly in the winter months. Since people tend to spend more time on their patio year round for parties, barbecues and romantic nights by the pool, outdoor furniture seems to get quite a bit more use as well. This extra use can show in the form of wear and tear. If you’re poolside or other outdoor furniture is beginning to look like it was recently rescued from the dump, you may think it is time for an upgrade. However, your current furniture can likely be salvaged through restoration and repair.

Restoring Patio Furniture

It may seem time consuming to have old furniture repaired or restored. While it may not be ask fast as simply heading out and purchasing brand new furniture, doing so will give your patio a cookie cutter look. By having vintage and other pieces of patio furniture restored you’re sure to have some unique pieces.

Aside from a one of a kind look, there are other advantages to having furniture repaired or restored. For one, it is a green option. Manufacturing new furniture takes a lot of energy. Then of course when you discard your old furniture, chances are it will simply sit in a dump for decades or centuries to come.

Repairing outdoor furniture is generally less expensive than purchasing new sets as well. During the restoration process you can also have control over the colors and materials used, again providing for a special piece that nobody else will have.

Replacing Patio Furniture

The only time that purchasing new furniture is a good idea is if you are looking for a completely new look. Even then, it is smart to shop for recycled and refurbished furniture before choosing to buy new.

If you’re interested in patio furniture restoration in LA or the surrounding area you will want to visit All Patio. We use a unique five step approach to refinishing outdoor furniture. Our team repairs all types of furniture, including aluminum, wood, plastic and steel. Call All Patio at (818) 361-2440 to request an estimate for outdoor furniture repair in Los Angeles today.