Do you have a piece or a set of vintage furniture that has long passed its glory days? Has your more modern furniture started to fall apart? There is hope! When you trust a professional furniture repair team to restore worn or broken patio furniture you can expect them to follow a rubric that will ensure the item is fixed cosmetically and functionally. Here are five steps to proper furniture repair.

Sand Blasting

When a piece of outdoor furniture is brought in for complete repair or restoration the repair person will first need to sandblast the item. Sandblasting is a means of stripping the item of paint or other finish, exposing its bare bones.


One the furniture is sandblasted the repair person will have the opportunity to fully analyze the furniture for damage to its frame, including denting and cracking, and to look for rust, mildew or other corrosion. All other damages will be noted, allowing for a repair plan to be made.

Powder Coating

The frame of the furniture will be powder coated. Powder coating is a means of protecting the furniture, similar to painting, but it can be more attuned to baking on the coating, rather than spraying or brushing. Powder coating is generally more durable and weather resistant than traditional painting techniques and finishes.

Strap & Sling Installation

Straps and slings will be installed when the powder coating has been completed. They can be installed in a variety of colors and materials, but are often vinyl when it comes to outdoor patio furniture.

Glide Installation

The final step in furniture restoration is installing glides on the feet of the piece. This prevents the furniture from damaging the ground while moving it around.

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