Are you looking for a quality coating for outdoor furniture, fencing, tiling, or other materials? Powder coating may be for you. Powder coating offers a variety of benefits that are unmatched by painting. Let’s take a closer look at this service, which is perfect for a large variety of materials.

What is Powder Coating?

First developed in the 1950s, powder coating is a way of finishing materials by applying an environmentally friendly powder made up of tiny colored particles. These particles create a clean, and efficient electrostatic powder coating after it is essentially baked in an oven. The coating adheres around the item being sprayed, creating an very durable outer shell that is scratch and weather resistant.

Is Powder Coating Strong?

Powdering nearly any material will provide it with a locating that can last 20 years or longer, allowing the item to retain the look it received when it first was powder coated. There are different types of powders used for different purposes, depending on how the item is used and if it is indoor or outdoor.

Are there a lot of Colors?

There are numerous colors available, really any color on the spectrum. Some colors may cost more depending on their availability.

Can anything not be Powder Coated?

Since items must be baked at extreme temperatures materials that would burn at such high temperatures are not good able to be powder coated. This includes many types of wood, as well as rubber and plastic.

Is Powder Coating Better than Spray Painting?

Yes, for several reasons. Powder coating is environmentally friendly, unlike spray painting. Powder coating will last much, much longer compared to spray paint, in part due to its durability and the fact it is weather resistant.

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