Furniture is more than a place to sit down. Furniture can be a focal point, it can be a piece of art, or it can be, yes a place to relax and gather with friends and family. This is true for sofas and chaise lounges, dining table sets, and the furniture you set up outside and around the pool. The latter often is exposed to the elements for months or years at a time, subjecting it to harsh conditions and often advancing its deterioration at a rate much higher than that of indoor furniture. If you have questions about fixing outdoor furniture, read on.

Why repair patio furniture instead of repair it?

Repairing outdoor furniture is a great way to recycle, for one. However, vintage and aging furniture is gaining in popularity. If you have old furniture, it may be worth quite a bit more restored than anything that is new on the market.

The vinyl is destroyed, is that repairable?

A professional patio furniture repair person can repair and replace vinyl strips, giving the chair or lounge piece the support it needs to let people sit on it.

If my cushions are ripped, is it still fixable?

Yes. If you bring the entire piece to a repair center they will be able to complete fixes to cushions, or make new ones, depending on the condition. They can often match fabric if you’re trying to conduct a complete restoration.

Can wood furniture be repaired?

Most issues with wood can be repaired through sanding, adding varnish or paint and sealing it. Pieces that are completely rotted away may have to have a new piece of wood manufactured to replace it.

Is rust removable?

Rust is a ferocious disease for metal, but it can be repaired. Surface rust can be sanded down and removed, while more heavy damage may have to be cut from the piece and replaced with the appropriate metal.

What other types of furniture can be fixed?

An expert outdoor furniture repair person can fix all types of patio and pool furniture, including aluminum, steel, plastic, and wood. They will also be able to fix cushions, vinyl, and more.

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