To ensure your backyard retreat is always as fun and relaxing as can be it is important that you take proper care of your poolside furniture. Furniture that is not cared for can become damaged, which may make it uncomfortable or even unsafe to use. Here are a few simple steps to keep your pool furniture looking and functioning its very best.

Wash regularly

Most types of pool furniture can be washed with a soft soap and water mixture. Removing dirt and dust can help to prevent corrosion issues that may cause metal to rust and other materials to fade or rip.

Store when not in use

During the off months or if you plan on being away from your home for some time be sure to carefully store the furniture undercover. If you don’t have garage space a nice tarp or other covering will help prevent excessive moisture from damaging the pool furniture.

Repair chips, scratches and cracks

If you notice any chips or scratches in the frame of the furniture you will want to repair them, as these are likely rust if they are down to the bare metal, especially being around water so frequently. If you’re a DIYer you can sand the spot smooth and apply matching touch up paint, but sometimes repairs are best left to pool furniture repair experts.

Cloth and vinyl repair

Rips and other damage to cushions or vinyl straps of outdoor furniture can make the chairs almost impossible to use. A professional repair team should be enlisted to restore the looks and functionality of the outdoor piece.

At All Patio we are able to complete any repairs and restoration necessary to keep your new or vintage pool furniture looking great for years and years. Our Los Angeles pool furniture repair team is highly skilled and works on all brands. To learn more about our services or to request patio furniture repair in LA give us a call at (818) 361-2440 today!