Living in sunny Southern California likely means your outdoor furniture gets a lot of use. However, all that use, and the exposure to the sun, can be quite damaging. If you want your patio furniture to remain in great shape for years and years to come be sure to follow these simple tips!

Keep it Clean

One of the best things you can do for your furniture is regularly wipe it down. This is especially true of poolside furniture as it is more likely to absorb moisture which can lead to mold or rust on metal parts. However, even furniture out in the yard can attract dust and pollen, which can cause materials to fade and deteriorate over time. Using general cleaning products to wipe down your outdoor chairs and tables will keep them looking beautiful and protect them from mold, mildew and other issues.

Coat as Necessary

There are a few ways to protect your furniture from the elements, one of the best is to give a protective coating, which differs upon the material. For aluminum or plastic a thin coat of car wax will do the truck. Wicker furniture can be protected using paste wax and for other metal furniture be sure to check for rust before applying a silicone sealant. If there is rust use a wire brush to gently remove it.

Store Under Cover

When your furniture is not in use or if you store if for the winter it is best to keep it indoors in a dry climate. However if no interior storage is available there are plenty of furniture covers available to help keep the pieces dry.

Without proper maintenance outdoor furniture can fall into despair. If you have any pieces that need outdoor furniture restoration in Los Angeles or the surrounding area reach out to the experts at All Patio. We restore and repair all types of outdoor furniture, office furniture and vintage patio furniture. To learn more about our Los Angeles outdoor furniture repaircenter please give us a call at (818) 361-2440 and our staff will be more than happy to answer any questions.