Replacing office furniture can be extremely expensive. To avoid those costs be sure to consider office furniture repair, which can be much more affordable, and it gives you the opportunity to prevent landfill waste from tossing the old stuff. A qualified office furniture repair company should be able to assist with the repair or restoration of all types of furniture. Let’s look at the most common office furniture repairs.

Plastic Office Furniture Repair

If your plastic office furniture has suffered bends, cracks, chips or dents a highly skilled furniture technician will be able to repair it. These types of damages can cause structural integrity issues, making them unsafe to use.

Wood Office Furniture Repair

Do you have office furniture made with a wood frame? If the wood has become rotten or if it is splintering it will need to be replaced. The cushions or other materials that make up the furniture may also need to be repaired or replace, a job best left to a professional.

Metal Office Furniture Repair

Metal office furniture, whether made of aluminum, steel or otherwise, is subject to a lot of wear and tear. Refurbishing metal framed office furniture can save you hundreds of dollars over the cost of new furniture.

Outdoor Office Furniture Repair

If your office or business uses outdoor furniture for seating areas or otherwise it is likely to get weathered. Don’t replace outdoor furniture, refinish it. Repairing damaged furniture may include painting, powder coating, replacing damaged vinyl and other tactics.

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