Top Items to Have Powder Coated

Powder coating is a great substitute for conventional painting or spray painting, as it provide several advantages. For one, power coating is extremely durable, ensuing whatever you have coated will look great for years and years. It is resistant to extremely high... [Read More]

Easy Tips to Care for Pool Furniture

To ensure your backyard retreat is always as fun and relaxing as can be it is important that you take proper care of your poolside furniture. Furniture that is not cared for can become damaged, which may make it uncomfortable or even unsafe to use. Here are a few... [Read More]

Great Tips for Storing Outdoor Furniture this Fall

If you want your outdoor patio furniture to last for years and years it is important that you provide it with proper storage during the seasons it is not likely to be used, such as fall and winter. Ideally, this means placing it inside somewhere, either in a garage,... [Read More]

Why Choose All Patio for Patio Furniture Repair in LA?

Fall is the perfect season to complete patio furniture repair. It is likely that your outdoor furniture received some good use this summer, and it may be in need of some refurbishing, especially if it hasn’t received any in several years. If you have a piece, or... [Read More]

Patio Furniture: Restore or Replace

Living in sunny Southern California certainly has its perks. Being able to enjoy the patio year round is one of them, even if it does get a bit chilly in the winter months. Since people tend to spend more time on their patio year round for parties, barbecues and... [Read More]

FAQ: Patio Furniture Repair

Furniture is more than a place to sit down. Furniture can be a focal point, it can be a piece of art, or it can be, yes a place to relax and gather with friends and family. This is true for sofas and chaise lounges, dining table sets, and the furniture you set up... [Read More]

Patio Furniture Repair in Hollywood

With year round great weather it is normal for outdoor furniture in Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the surrounding Los Angeles communities to be heavily used, which often causes it to be damaged. Since many people love the furniture they have they are reluctant to get... [Read More]

What is Powder Coating?

Are you considering painting your outdoor furniture? Is your metal fence showing signs of wear or surface rust? Well don’t paint it, powder coat it! Powder coating is an amazing alternative to painting that offers much greater protection for items that are... [Read More]

Patio Furniture Repair in Beverly Hills

Living in Southern California is great since residents get to enjoy the sunshine all year long. That means a lot of lounging outside in your your patio and pool furniture. Patio furniture is unique in the sense that it receives general wear and tear, as well as that... [Read More]