What is the Furniture Refinishing Process?

Outdoor furniture is often left to the elements, which means it will become sun damaged, rusty, mildewy and suffer from other adverse effects after years of being left outside. Thankfully, one company has developed a process that ensures it can be restored to its... [Read More]

What Outdoor Furniture can I have Refinished?

Do you love your outdoor patio furniture? Has it seen better days, condition wise? Perhaps it is time to consider outdoor furniture refinishing. You will be surprised at what a professional furniture refinisher can do. They will be able to completely restore your... [Read More]

Why Should I have Patio Furniture Refinished?

Outdoor furniture comes in many different forms for all different functions. Pool chairs, dining sets, benches and other pieces serve not only a purpose, such as for sitting, but they can often be seen as an aesthetic piece. However, over time, they will begin to... [Read More]

Top Types of Patio Furniture to Refinish

Outdoor furniture is simply that, furniture that resides outside. It is often subject to excessive wear due to the weather that it sits in. Rain and years and years of sunshine can take a toll on wood, metal and vinyl components of outdoor furniture. Instead of... [Read More]

Easy Tips for Maintaining your Patio Furniture

Living in sunny Southern California likely means your outdoor furniture gets a lot of use. However, all that use, and the exposure to the sun, can be quite damaging. If you want your patio furniture to remain in great shape for years and years to come be sure to... [Read More]

FAQ: Powder Coating

Are you looking for a quality coating for outdoor furniture, fencing, tiling, or other materials? Powder coating may be for you. Powder coating offers a variety of benefits that are unmatched by painting. Let’s take a closer look at this service, which is... [Read More]

Can I get Office Furniture Repair in LA?

Replacing office furniture can be extremely expensive. To avoid those costs be sure to consider office furniture repair, which can be much more affordable, and it gives you the opportunity to prevent landfill waste from tossing the old stuff. A qualified office... [Read More]

Expert Pool Furniture Repair in LA

In Southern California having a pool isn’t just a luxury, for some people it is a necessity that is required to escape the dense heat. With that pool comes poolside furniture, which is subject to abuse caused by the ongoing cycle of wet and dry. Chairs can... [Read More]

How is Patio Furniture Repair Conducted?

Do you have a piece or a set of vintage furniture that has long passed its glory days? Has your more modern furniture started to fall apart? There is hope! When you trust a professional furniture repair team to restore worn or broken patio furniture you can expect... [Read More]