A broken piece of furniture in your office may not seem like a big issue. Simply order a new one online right? Well, hold on there, because you have more options, better options, than just buying a new one that may not properly match your existing decor. Having broken office furniture repaired is wonderful for a couple of different reasons. Let’s dive into the excellent benefits of office furniture repair.


Have you checked the prices of office furniture lately? It is expensive! Whether you need to buy a broken office chair, a bench that clients utilize in a waiting room or a patient’s chair in an office, you’re going to end up breaking the bank! Furniture repair is often much more affordable than buying new, and you know exactly what you will be getting once the professional repairs are completed.

Prevents Waste

If you buy new, what are you going to do with the broken piece of furniture? Chances are, it’ll end up in the dumpster where it will be transported to a landfill. Office furniture repair will prevent this from happening. Recycling is the new black, you know, but it isn’t a bandwagon, it is the wagon that you need to be on.

Style Options

When it comes to repairs you have options! While general repairs can be completed to fix wobbly legs, torn cushions or broken arm rests, you can also have full refurbishments conducted to give the piece of furniture new life. Choose between colors, materials and patterns for the frame, cushions and other components of the item to give it a brand new look, or restore it to its original glory.

If your office is suffering from broken furniture, consider repairs over replacement to save time and money. To request professional office furniture repair in Los Angeles contact All Patio. We service all types of commercial property, giving it new life! To request an estimate for commercial furniture repair in LA give us a call at (818) 361-2440 today.